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Timber Sales & Management is a consulting firm specializing in Timber & Wildlife Management.  We also offer Tree Care services such as insect & disease control for the homeowner.

Timber Sales

David Pyle, Forester has over 30 years experience as a forester helping landowners market & sell their timber to timber buyers in the area.  A timber sale is usually a sealed bid sale where timber buyers bid on the timber in a competitive bidding process resulting in the highest prices paid for the timber.

Tree Care

Our tree care services focus on emerald ash borer control in landscape trees and tree insect & disease diagnosis for homeowners.  We can then recommend the proper care for your yard trees to maintain a healthy landscape.  

Food Plots

For hunters and wildlife enthusiasts, food plots are a key component of maintain healthy wildlife populations.  We can help with design of food plots, recommend the proper seed to plant based on your goals.

Timber Appraisals

How much is your timber worth?  This question can be answered with a timber appraisal without selling or cutting down your trees.  We can help landowners determine timber value for estate or tax purposes with this service.  

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