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Our Services 

Timber Sales

At Timber Sales & Management, we help landowners maximize the value of their timber while maintaining a healthy, viable forest at the same time.  We are not timber buyers, we mark the trees based on your goals and advertise them to timber buyers in the area and allowing them to bid on them through a sealed bid sale.  This helps the landowner get the most value out of their timber and at the same time ensuring the logging is done in a responsible way to maintain a healthy forest for future.  A written contract is included in a timber sale with Timber Sales & Wildlife Management and with us checking on the logging job while it is in progress, you will know that the job is done in accordance to the contract conditions. 


Our fee for this service is a commission based fee, a percentage of the selling price.  If you want to learn more about timber sales or if you want to discuss whether you are in need of one, then contact us today for a free site visit to discuss the possibility.  

Timber Appraisal

A standing timber appraisal is a way of determining the value of a tract of timber without having a timber sale or cutting the trees down.  A standing timber appraisal combined with the value of the land is perfect for determining the value of a piece of property for estate purposes, tax purposes or in the process of buying or selling a tract of land.  A standing timber appraisal can get you the information you need for the above transactions that is harmless to the trees while maintaining their value for the future.  

Tree Care & Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Our emerald ash borer treatment is a safe, effective way of saving ash trees from the deadly emerald ash borer.  It involves injecting an insecticide into the tree which will kill the emerald ash borer larvae in the tree.  It is effective for 2 years and studies have shown it to be the most effective treatment for the deadly emerald ash borer.  Call or email for your free estimate for this vital service in saving your ash trees.  

We also offer tree care services such as insect & disease diagnosis.  Through inspection and laboratory testing we can diagnosis tree problems insuring the proper treatment is recommended and applied to the tree.  Tree insect control, fungal disease, iron chlorosis, soil treatments and deep root fertilization are other treatment that we offer to the homeowner allowing us to care for your tree to keep it healthy and vigorous.  

Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) involves killing trees and vines that are competing for high quality trees that we want to encourage either for timber or for wildlife.  TSI is very similar to weeding a garden.  The undesirable trees (weeds) are killed making more room for the desirable trees (crop) to grow faster and stay healthier so that they will become trees that are valuable as timber or wildlife trees in the future.  The condition of your woods will determine whether this service is needed.  There is also the possibility of cost share money being available through the NRCS Office that can help offset the cost of the work.  Contact us for a free site visit to determine whether your woods needs this service.  

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