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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Our emerald ash borer treatment is a safe, effective way of saving ash trees from the deadly emerald ash borer.  It involves injecting an insecticide into the tree which will kill the emerald ash borer larvae in the tree.  It is effective for 2 years and studies have shown it to be the most effective treatment for the deadly emerald ash borer.  Call or email for your free estimate for this vital service in saving your ash trees.  

Tree Insect & Disease Diagnosis

If you suspect your tree is suffering from some type of insect or disease damage then contact us to have it evaluated.  We can diagnose insect & disease problems through inspection and through laboratory testing.  We can then recommend and perform the proper treatment for solving the problem your tree is suffering from.  

Fungal Diseases
We have different treatment systems & chemicals to treat for various tree
diseases.  With the knowledge of when & how to treat the affected tree, we can give your tree the help it needs to recover from possibly deadly diseases.    
iron chlorosis.jpg
Iron Chlorosis
Lack of Iron, Manganese &  micronutrients available to the tree can show up as yellowing leaves.  There are treatments for the tree and the soil that can help alleviate this problem.  This problem will not correct itself unless a treatment is applied.  If severe, it can lead to tree death.      
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